Monkey Business on Okinawa

monkey.jpg (2334 bytes) One of the most colorful 79'ers and always ready for a fight or a good time, the Battalion veterans relate the story of Don Kelly of West Virginia.   (Thanks for this memory goes to Don Kelly's buddy, 79th veteran Bob Huls, who assures us this story is no "scuttlebutt".)

The 10th Army Division had come to Okinawa from the Philippines along with two monkeys named "Oscar" and "Fanny".  After offering to purchase the monkeys and receiving a refusal, 79'er Don Kelly proceeded to offer some rather intoxicating liquid refreshment to the boys of the 10th Army, whereupon a change of heart ensued and Don was allowed to purchase "Oscar".  Now... "Oscar" just wasn't a real happy camper without "Fanny", thus prompting Kelly to engage the boys of the 10th Army again with some more "happy juice", resulting in the purchase of "Fanny".  Kelly could sometimes be spotted in the cave sharing his drink with his monkeys until, according to the veterans, the Shore Patrol caught up with him one day and toted him off to the Brig.  Kelly was never heard from again until several years later when he surprisingly appeared at a 79th Battalion Reunion in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 



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