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BULLET.GIF (1053 bytes)Reflections of a 79th Seabee Veteran
BULLET.GIF (1053 bytes)From Saipan to Okinawa - Gunners Mate H. Brady
BULLET.GIF (1053 bytes)Monkey Business on Okinawa - 79'er Don Kelly
BULLET.GIF (1053 bytes)From the 74th and 79th NCB to Homecoming - 79th Veteran D. Moriarity
BULLET.GIF (1053 bytes)The Great 79th Seabee Salmon Sneak
BULLET.GIF (1053 bytes)Ice Cream Trade on Okinawa
BULLET.GIF (1053 bytes)Hoedowns on Okinawa 1945:  One memory stands out.  We formed a hillbilly band and toured the island performing at the Seabee camps.  We had a violin, guitar, bass harmonica, accordian played by the leader and I played the "sweet potato."   BOY!  We had some great hoe downs!!!  A sweet potato is a type of a flute shaped like a sweet potato, has a mouth piece and 11 different sized holes for various notes.   The accordion player was from Denver.  I don't remember his name; he was the arranger and he was good!  We played on Okinawa just about the time the Marines were mopping up in Naha.  Our shows sure did boost the morale of the guys, particularly the country boys! 
     - Frank, 79th Seabee Veteran


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