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Barometer Mountain & 79th Seabee Barracks, Aleutian Islands, World War II.  This graphic was made from an original oil painting of the original photograph taken by 79th Battn. photographer E. McDermott and placed here in his honor.

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Landing of 79th Battalion Seabees on Okinawa, April 1945.  This graphic was made from an original photograph taken by E. McDermott.   For further information on LST's 736, 598 and 785, visit these web sites:
   LST 785
   LST's 736, 598 & 785
   NavSource Organization Archives - LST 736
   NavSource Organization Archives - LST 598

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The above painting appears in the 79th Seabees Cruise Book that was started while the 79th was in the Aleutians and sent out to just the original 79th group about 3 or 4 years after they were discharged.   According to veteran recollections, the money used for the book and photos came from the ship store proceeds on the first tour of duty.  The replacement men came and went so fast while the 79th was on Okinawa that probably no mailing list was ever made of the new men.  Supposedly, the money realized from the sales on Okinawa seemed to fade into the sunset when the 79th Battalion was decommissioned after the war ended.


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