Articles appearing in 79th Newsletter
28 February, 1943


Co. B SCUTTLES CO. A  16-6

  The softball season opened with Co. B sinking Co. A by a score of 16-6.  Lt. Ludvigson threw in the first ball and the game was underway.  Ens. Thomas, the owner of Co. A team was conspicuous by his absence.   Where was all the dynamite he promised to inject into the game?  Co. A is back fighting for another crack at Co. B.  Better luck next time gang.
Co. B   7  6  0  0  1  2  0  16
Co. A   0  4  1  0  0  1  0    6

   In its first smashing victory of the season, Headquarters Co. came through with a score of 18 to 11 against valiant opposition by the Officers of the 79th.
   Robinson's outstanding performance as a batter chalked up a homer, a triple and 2 doubles.  Noel showed a triple and two singles.  Unless Companies C and D show some violent opposition in the next few days, it looks as the Hdqtrs. Co. and Co B are going to fight it out for the Battalion champs.

         *  *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *  *

   Well it's beginning to look now as tho we were getting squared away to shove off.  Every day the scuttlebutt gets thicker and thicker.  We are doing such a good job in this capacity that it has been suggested that a few contingents of Seabees be used to replace Naval Intelligence:   Place a few units of our heroes in strategic spy infested areas, after their application of counterespionage methods via the dissemination of scuttlebutt, the enemy would be so confused that surrender would become inevitable!
   It has been suggested that someone keep a log of the 'definite' jumping off places disclosed to members of the 79th Batt. from "absolutely authentic" sources.  It would probably read as follows:
        Monday         Lackanucky Isle
        Tuesday        Mississippi
        Wednesday    Texas
        Thursday         Ireland
        Friday             Idaho
        Saturday         California
        Sunday           Official scuttlebutt day (too many destinations to be recorded here).

         *  *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *  *

   An income tax information bureau sponsored by the Personnel Department is available to all members of the 79th Batt. at the Visitors and Recreation Hut between the hours of 0830 and 2030.

   All single persons whose total income exceeded $500, and married persons whose income exceeded $1200 for the fiscal year of 1942 must file.

   Applications for deferrment of tax payments are available on request.  All forms should be completely filled out before leaving Camp Bradford.

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There are few activities in the Navy which exceed in importance the services of the Supply Corps.

   Under the able administration of Chief (Happy) Callinan our own men of the 79tyh are doing a fine job in organizing our equipment and supplies for the long sojourn to Island "X".   How about getting a little better acquainted with these fellows?

   First, let's meet Chief (Happy) Callinan, a genial cuss who hails from Boston.  Now here's a sportsman of the first water.   For the past ten years Chief Callinan has judged amateur and pro boxing at Boston.   His ability in this field has a wide precedent in the fact that he was Lightweight Champion of New England from 1921 to 1924.

   Then there's the case of the two Robinsons, "Stretch and Blondy"; and last but not least in this group is Joe Scharber.   Now this trio hails from Oklahoma City, and although they lived only a few blocks apart never met until they crossed paths in the Seabees.

   "Silver Fox" Coffey of Boston, better known to his mates as the "Champ ham & egg eater".  Watch him at the cross roads on liberty nite!

   Fred Taake, Des Moines, Iowa.  Better known as the "Silent One", has plenty on the ball and "takes" everything in stride.

   Johnny Noel of 'Frisco' needs no introduction.   We all are well acquainted with his showmanship, and his ability as a vocalist.
   Johnny's wife arrived last Tuesday from California.  Rumor has it that Mrs. Noel is soon to go to the hospital at NOB.  Maybe for little Johnnie?

   Eddie Schoppfer, hails from the deep south; New Orleans.  --Well known as Sharpy.  Watch him strutting down to Co. Street.   "Man how am I doing".  --his favorite expression.

   Gene Rochambeau, Los Angeles, back in the good ol U.S.A.  Known to the boys as "72".  The dry wit of the gang.

         *  *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *  *

by O.P. "Red" Wilkerson

   It seems as tho on one of the warm spring like mornings so characteristic of Bradford when the temperature hovered around 5 degrees below zero one of the MAA's, being solicitous of the welfare of his men, asked for five P.O.'s on the light duty list who could take short hand, whereupon five young bucks advanced blithely forward.  At this juncture the MAA ordered the five to report to the Head Cleaning detail, as they were "short handed."

   Well, not being outdone by this cajolery, our hero and his four worthies set about their task with a vengeance and with brushes, broom handles, and two brand new squeegees cleaned eight heads in the record time of eight minutes flat.

   "It just goes to show what long hours of study will do to advance one in his Naval career towards a future admiralship".  Thus advises the new HEAD CAPTAIN.



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Seabeesm1.jpg (3300 bytes)

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