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  Articles appearing in "The Williwaws",
Volume 1 Number 3, Sat., March 27, 1943

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How'd You Like To
Eat Horse, Sailor?

  The next time you hear a sailor beef when he gets beef for chow, suggest a "horseburger".
  The Whirlaway Market in Newark, N.J. sells 40,000 pounds of horsemeat weekly and reports that only the impossibility of getting more from the packer prevents sales from rising.  Horse steaks sell for twenty-eight to thirty-five cents a pound.   "Horseburger", the equine, equivalent of hamburger sells for nineteen cents a pound.
  And if your sailor still beefs when he gets horse, try him on turtle, buffalo, elk or venison.  A turtle steak will set him back seventy-five cents a pound at S. Comollo Inc., New York City.  Comollo sells about one hundred pounds of turtle a week.
  At E. Josephs in Washington Market, New York City, about four hundred pounds of elk, buffalo and venison are sold each week as compared  with fifty pounds in previous seasons.

Make It Easier For
The Home Folks

  Chaplain Farrell has become a number one plugger for National Service Life Insurance.  He has found that a number of men on the Base have neglected to take full advantage of the protection which is offered our families at a minimum cost to us.
   A major ship in the Navy recently wrote $2,500,000 of life insurance in a three-week campaign.  During the campaign, the officers in charge of the campaign had a realistic sales aid.  A sub attacked one midnight and a DD opened up on it with gun fire and depth charges were dropped.  Next morning the gangway leading to the Disbursing Office was crowded.  It did not take talks from the Chaplain over the ships public address system to collect that crowd.
  Chaplain Farrell has installed Jimmy Kane in the Red Cross Hut.  Jimmy used to be an insurance man in civilian life.  He is here to help you out with your insurance problems and make you a very valuable corpse if Hirohito showers you with his celestial blessings.
  You don't collect until after the funeral.

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Information for Bachelors
  Many men do not know how to register at a hotel.  It is no problem in Libertyville, but it will come in handy when we all get that 30 day leave to go back to the States next month.
  Your ship or station should not appear on the register.  Joe Gish, S2c U.S.Navy is enough.  You could use, just as well, Joe Gish, S2c, Dubuque, Iowa.
  Of course, you always register alone.

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All Ocean Navy
Secretary Knox expects a Navy of more than 2,000,000 by July, 1944.   He says, "we are building not only a two ocean navy but a Navy big enough to dominate the seas all over the world."
  There were 38,000 officers and 310,000 enlisted personnel on January 1, 1942.   These figures have been expanded to 126,000 and 1,159,600 respectively and are to be increased to something over the 2,000,000 mark by 1944.
  Secretary Knox has solemnly warned the nation that one out of every ten Navy men may be killed or wounded.  His prediction of a ten percent casualty rate and his proposals for an all-ocean Navy were made public by the House Sub-Committee on Naval appropriations in finishing work on a new $4,000,000,000 supplemental Naval appropriation measure

         *  *  *  *  *   *  *  *  * 

Au Revoir, Gaby!
  When a man from the ranks dons gold braid, there is usually a great deal of cheering from the boys he leaves behind.  Sometimes it is perfunctory, to say the least.  Very often the question is heard, "How did he do it?"
  There is nothing perfunctory about our cheers for Ensign Gabriel Fontrier.   Everybody on the base knows how he did it and thinks he rates the little star which twinkles on his sleeve now.
  Telling what Gaby did to earn his one stripe would involve writing a history of the base for the past six months, for his fingers have been in every pie which is baking.   HE has led the choir, arranged the Sunday afternoon Record Concerts and taught a math class, to mention only a few things.  All these are things he did with his left hand.  His right hand, both feet and all the muscles in his body were otherwise engaged in keeping up with the tumultuous Captain  Witherspoon.
  The picture of Gaby teaching his math class at night in the Chaplain's office was made several weeks ago and is appearing over his protest in The Williwaws.  The thing that worries Gaby about the picture is that the equation on the blackboard is wrong.
  Gaby's father is a math professor and as math professors are likely to be, he is exacting.  On this occasion we feel that Professor Fontrier will say "Welcome home, Ensign, all is forgiven."

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